Sorry, go-go boots clash with my morals

Scene:  Office, 4:30 PM.   People are bustling about, coming from and going to meetings.  I am making nice with strangers, because it’s part of my job.

Man A:  [stepping across the tiled floor] Listen to that!
Man B:  I see you noticed their dance floor! [laughs and walks away]
Me:  I didn’t know you could dance!
Man A:  I need to talk to someone about getting a disco ball installed.  Maybe some laser lights too…
Me:  I’ll put in a request with the big boss, how about that?
Man A:  Great!  We’ll also need to talk about getting you some go-go boots!
Me:  [holding back vomit] Ha ha, we’ll see!  We’ll talk about that next time!

I do believe a raise is in order (or at least several glasses of wine).

What an appropriate close to that kind of day.


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